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Importance of good portfolio

Professional Touch

Being in industry a portfolio makes understands what is needed to be noticed by production houses.


A portfolio opens new connections as portfolio maker is likely to help in recommending you.


You need to have different angles for different requirements. well made portfolio overs all angles.


Stay relevant and focused. portfolio maker knows latest trends.

How do we do it?

When it is a question of your dreams, we want to go the extra mile. There will be an in-person session with you to understand your talents in a meaningful way.

We work with celebrated productions houses in Television Industry (short films ,web series, TV and radio commercials) and also conduct talent hunts for them and share the best of the profiles with them. We work with leading productions in industry, and our connects are genuine.

We also provide TV commercial services so we have connects in the fastest growing TV industry as well. We conduct a lot of live events where celebrities participate. Kindly peep into our India website bombayhouseproductions.com

Indian Diaspora

As the Asian Indian population has been part of Canada’s growth story more than 200 years, we want to share the variety of Indian culture here.

We want Indian culture to be understood and enjoyed in Canada. Bombay house productions canada is planning to launch live shows and events which connect to the roots in India. We are professionals who want Indian culture to be nurtured back in Canada.

There are around 1 million plus Asian Indians in Canada. If you want to perform an event in Canada we can arrange it for you.


What you can get?

Our mix of short films, web series, TV and radio commercials, Events and Television Industry connections makes us a unique service provider. You are welcome to have an audition and get selected to take part in any of the categories we mentioned.

  • If you are a good singer, we will help you to have your voice be heard in millions of homes.
  • If you are a great actor/actress we will ensure that you are on a world stage.
  • If you are a great dance we will ensure that your moves shake the floor in every city.
  • Radio – your best ticket to fame.

    We are a national radio player with radio commercial services too! Do you know that Radio plays an important role in marketing? If you are a business, radio can make you identifiable in a short time.

    Average daily radio audience in the selected central market areas in Canada is more than 813,000 in 2018 alone.

    This means that you can reach a variety of audience in a few seconds. We can provide you with the right budget and right opportunities to get broadcast at a national level.

    If you are a business who wants to go National, we have the means and capability to do so! We have a TV commercial section, Radio section and Event networks too. It is up to you to choose how much you want to reach out to people. We are here to take you there.

    Be a part of the growth that is available. Be part of the Talent pool that gives you opportunities. We are your bridge to a national audience, even to an international audience!!

    In case you are wondering why we have not taken any names in our production house, that is to prevent gossip and miscommunications.

    Be rest assured, when we have an in-person meeting we will share other essential details with you.

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